About Us

“Students don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

John Maxwell

Life is about learning, growing and connecting.
At Mind & Music Academy, students will have the opportunity to learn new instruments, grow in knowledge and understanding of various academic subject areas and connect with new friends along the way.

Our Mission…

Is to provide students, from pre-K-12, opportunities to succeed and thrive academically, emotionally and socially. This will be accomplished through academic and musical enrichment.

Why does my child need academic tutoring?

Academic tutoring will ensure your child has a strong educational foundation. Studies have shown that once students begin to fall behind, the achievement gap tends to widen as they progress through school. We are here to help. The teacher will work 1-on-1 to build a positive relationship with your child and fully understand their developmental level, and academic needs.

There are different needs that can be met with tutoring:

  • Support: Students who have fallen behind and are performing under grade level standards can be brought up to speed through reteaching, guided practice and improved study habits.
  • Enrichment: Students who have already met grade level standards need more challenges to stay engaged and excited about learning. Their thirst for knowledge can be met through exploring the depth and complexity of those grade level standards to ensure students have a deeper understanding of what they are learning in school. Project-based learning, independent studies, inquiry projects, and interdisciplinary exploration are all ways your child can receive an enriched education.
  • Homework Help: Students who simply need help with their homework are welcome to use their tutor as a resource.

Why does my child need to learn music?

Learning music at a young age has been proven to aid and enrich healthy brain development. There are many ways that learning music is beneficial for your child:

  • Development and improvement of fine and gross motor functioning
  • Acquisition of and fluency in a new language
  • Healthier expression of emotions and ideas
  • Cultivation of creativity through music
  • Increased self-esteem through learning a new skill, meeting goals and overcoming challenges
  • Increased internal locus of control and positive internal motivation

Is your child interested in joining the orchestra?
In most schools, students are given the opportunity to participate in the orchestra or band. Whichever option is chosen, there is no doubt that students will get to socially connect with peers who have similar interests and hobbies. Your child is now a part of a team of students who are all working towards the same goals. Collaboration, cooperation, responsibility, and respect are all invaluable traits your child will learn simply from joining an orchestra or band. School music conductors often recommend that students receive private music lessons in order to gain a stronger foundation in theory, technique and to generally improve their playing ability and skill level.

Additionally, performance opportunities will challenge your child to face fears they never had to face before. This will motivate your child to practice and challenge themselves leading to improved practice habits, time management, organizational skills, self-esteem, sense of duty, and so much more!

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